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We recently had quite a few reports of “1200 – Something went wrong…” errors from several small businesses in Oxford. Our IT Support customers were mostly affected by this in MS Outlook, however, the same error can occur when opening or signing in to various Microsoft apps (Outlook, Teams, Excel, OneDrive, etc.)

Something went wrong. [1200]
Error Tag: 657rx
Error Code: 2148073494

In most cases, this is caused by outdated or corrupted login details saved within an app or within Windows. The resolution can be quite simple – just log off and log back into the app in question. Just to stress – we are talking about logging off from your Microsoft account inside the app, not logging off from your computer.

Unfortunately, this does not always work. You may log off inside the app, and when trying to log back in never get a chance to enter your password. The app tries to log you back in automatically and after a few seconds fails with the same 1200 – something went wrong error…

This can happen if your Microsoft work account login credentials are saved globally within Windows. In that case, click on the Windows Start button, then go to Settings (gear icon) > Accounts > Access work or school. Click on the account in question, and finally click Disconnect.

After this, open the affected app and try to sign back in. You should now be given an option to enter your current Microsoft Account password.

November 2023
Windows 11

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Amazing! Worked, thank you! So pleased I found this post 🙂


Thank you very much!!!!! It saved me!!!


its really works, my entire support team did not do this, i do it my self….. thank you

J. A

Logging in and out did it for me too. I fought this stupid thing. Uninstalled, re-installed back. I reg-edited and deleted Office, did everything but this one thing of logging out. It was the solution. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Atero James

It was helpful.

Wajid Imran

Thank you so much. It worked.

Scott M. Fulton, III

Thank you, Oxford IT! This was the solution. Not even Microsoft could provide this solution.


Worked , thank you

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