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That didn’t work. We’re sorry but…

This issue recently occurred to one of our Oxford client’s guest users. They received an invitation to access a shared file (via Microsoft 365 SharePoint). However, after logging in with the Microsoft account which received the email invitation, they were getting the following error: was one of their other email addresses, not the one […]

  • 10:34

Update MariaDB on Plesk web server

MariaDB can normally be updated via Plesk web admin > Tools and Settings > Database Servers. If you don’t see the option to upgrade it (or a message saying that you are already up to date), perform the following: June 2024Oxford

  • 18:14

Microsoft Teams Files – Something went wrong.

One of our customers in Oxford recently contacted me with an issue affecting their Microsoft Teams Windows Desktop app. They couldn’t access anything in the Files section of their Teams channels. The following error message would be shown instead. The issue was only affecting the Teams Desktop app. Web-version was displaying everything inside the Files […]

  • 17:55

Redirect website to new domain preserving URL paths

One of our customers in Oxford asked to redirect a website hosted on an Apache web server to a new domain while preserving existing web page paths. For example, if someone went to the URL:https://www.old_website.com/products/product_689.htmlThey would be automatically redirected to:https://www.new_website.com/products/product_689.html This can be done by adding a single line to the website’s .htaccess file: Redirect […]

  • 22:22

Find DELL service tag while logged in remotely

We have many clients in Oxford and surrounding areas standardized on DELL hardware. I often need to find a DELL PC or laptop service tag while connected remotely. This can be done in DELL Command / Update or DELL Support Assitant software. However, I find it easier and quicker to do this in the command […]

  • 22:04

VMware Workstation Pro – Disable Taskbar Preview

VMware Workstation Pro has a feature that I find quite annoying. If you click on the application icon in the Windows taskbar, instead of opening the VMware Workstation app, it displays previews of all your virtual machines that are open in the main application tabs. I find this completely useless as all the VMs are […]

  • 20:30

Adobe Acrobat – Request E-signatures option missing

This issue affected a client on Oxford after they re-installed Adobe Acrobat (paid Adobe Creative Cloud version) on a new laptop. Everything was working normally, but the E-Signatures option was no longer present under Sign > Request e-signatures. The resolution looks somewhat random, but all we had to do was go to Adobe Acrobat Preferences […]

  • 18:01

Robocopy errors: The specified file could not be encrypted

We provide IT Support Services to a few companies in Oxford and Woodstock (Oxfordshire) where robocopy is being used as a part of the backup system. I recently noticed some errors in the robocopy job log: ERROR 6000 (0x00001770) Accessing Destination DirectoryThe specified file could not be encrypted. I checked the affected directory on the […]

  • 17:22

Unlinking Windows local account from child’s Microsoft account

An employee from one of the customers in Oxford contacted us with an IT issue on their personal Windows 11 laptop. They had the laptop set up with a local administrator account (not linked to Microsoft). At some point, a guest was using the laptop and somehow linked the local user account to their Microsoft […]

  • 15:53

Microsoft Office 365 – send from email alias in 2024

For a long time, Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 didn’t support sending emails from additional user’s email addresses (aliases). Emails were always sent from the primary email address. Obviously, there were workarounds, such as: Luckily Microsoft finally got around to implementing proper support for sending from email aliases. It seems to have happened sometime in […]