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A small business from Oxford recently contacted us with a little IT Support query. They were trying to activate a Microsoft Office 365 license in Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Office - This product is unlicensed

However, after entering the user’s login credentials (with an active Microsoft 365 license), the following error popped up:

Couldn't update license
Couldn’t update license
You can continue using Microsoft 365 and try again. If the issue persists, please contact Microsoft support.
Error Code: 18

I’ve seen similar errors before and the first port of call in such cases is to log out of any outdated and irrelevant Microsoft accounts that Office 365 might be signed in to. In this particular case, this didn’t help.

The next step was to forget about Microsoft Outlook and try to activate the Office 365 license in Microsoft Word. Bingo! After Microsoft Word was activated, Outlook accepted the same license without any complaints.

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